PowerLoad is a Microsoft Windows application used to download digital pictures from your Canon Digital camera using the Canon PowerShot SDK.


  PowerLoad 1.0 (Beta) features include:
  1. Windows Explorer-like user interface.

  2. Drag and drop image files to any folder.

  3. Copy one or more images to any folder.

  4. Generates EXIF info in HTML or Text format.

  5. Copies JPG, THM, CRW, AVI and WAV files

  6. English, German, French and Spanish translations.

  7. Supports Windows 98, ME and 2000.


   Download Download PowerLoad (1156KB)


   German Download German DLL (133KB)
   French Download French DLL (133KB)
   Spanish Download Spanish DLL (133KB)

Installation procedures:

PowerLoad is a single Windows executable file. However, the Canon PowerShot SDK is required in order to run.

  1. Download PowerLoad.

  2. Run the PowerLoad installation program. Choose any directory for installation. Default is C:\PowerLoad.

  3. You are ready to run PowerLoad.


The default PowerLoad application is in English. If you would like to run PowerLoad in German, French or Spanish, download and extract the corresponding language DLL into your PowerLoad directory. The language that PowerLoad uses is based on the locale that you have specified for Microsoft Windows.

The language translations were accomplished via language translation software, and the wording may not be 100% accurate. For those speaking German, Spanish or French that find translation and/or wording errors, please let me know.

Beta, known issues:

This is a first release Beta. I have tested it on Windows 98, ME and 2000 using USB connection only. 

  1. Currently, PowerLoad only supports drag and drop from camera to the computer, and only within the confines of PowerLoad.

  2. Canceling a copy operation by clicking the cancel button does not always work.

  3. Language translations may not be 100% correct.

Your feedback is always welcome. My email is BlueAceImage@lycos.com






                                Copyright (C) 2001 by James Adams